Summer Conferences-Highlights

I attended two major conferences this summer- the NMC and Moodlemoot. I’m going to make a few posts about them to share highlights that may be of interest to you. The NMC (New Media Consortium) Conference was hosted by MIT in Boston. Two speakers from MIT that stood out were Sherry Lassiter and Joichi Ito.

Sherry Lassiter spreads the fab gospel by running the Fab Foundation. Fab in this case refers to fabrication labs and Sherry is involved with setting up these labs everywhere and turning learners of all ages into fabricators. This made me look at the MICA fab lab in a new light and makes me want to advocate for them. To see and hear Sherry’s presentation go here:

Joichi Ito was the opening keynote and talked about open networks, the nature of risk and what the future for education and business will look like. He introduced us to his new principles/paradigm:
The Principles by Joichi Ito

Resilience instead of strength

Pull  instead of push

Risk  instead of security

Systems  instead of objects

Compasses  instead of maps

Practice  instead of theory

Disobedience instead of compliance

Crowds  instead of experts

Learning  instead of education

To see his entire presentation with an explanation of his principles, go here:


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