This summer’s Moodlemoot (Moodle Conference) featured a keynote speech by Dr. Richard Clark who showed research relating to teaching and technology that had me on the edge of my seat.  His presentation was titled “Misconceptions and Evidence About Online Instruction”.  He claims that online learning can be as effective as classroom learning.  The focus for both must be on pedagogy, not media.  Here is a link to his ppt presentation.   I was moved to purchase one of the books he referenced:  E-Learning and the Science of Instruction.  I hope to give a review in a future post.

Another presenter, not to miss for all Moodle users, was Michelle Moore from Remote Learner.  I’ve seen her before and was impressed with her Moodle and pedagogical knowledge.  For those of you who haven’t seen one of her presentations, here is a favorite of mine: Best Practices in Moodle Course Design.  This link will take you to her Slideshare page where you can look at other presentations on Moodle tools that she advocates.

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