Top Ten Things I Like In Google Apps


The Quick Add in Calendar lets me write a short sentence or phrase such as “meet every Friday at 1pm for group wrap-up” and Calendar creates all the meetings.  I can edit them later to make changes, exceptions and end dates.

Appointment Slots in Calendar allow me to schedule appointment slots for students or others to meet with me.  I create the appointment slots and then share the link with students.  They can choose slots from that link.  No need for back and forth messages.

Google Docs as Wikis I’ve found that Google Docs can be used as wikis.  By showing the revision history I can see who has been contributing and what work they have done individually.

Google Forms for Surveys and signup sheets  Instead of Survey Monkey or other online survey tools, I’ve found Google forms is easy to setup, see reports, and you can choose to anonymize or not the entries.

Youtube embeds in Google Presentations As a Mac user I can’t embed youtube videos in Keynote nor Powerpoint.  But Google Presentations lets me do it effortlessly.  There’s no need to even find and copy the embed code.  

Picasa for image/photo sharing in classes Since our gallery in Moodle has been broken, I’ve found the most efficient way for students to upload, share, and comment on each other’s work is Picasa.  And since it’s now a Google product, it’s tied in to our mail server, so it’s easy to add students and co-workers.

Google Drive for Storage and Streaming  I’ve discovered that Google Drive has a nice streaming player for video or audio.  Granted, you are limited, at this time, to 5 gb of storage, but for short clips or quick shares, it’s remarkably easy to upload and share.

Google Docs for document conversion Every once in a while I get a call from someone who can’t open/read a document for one reason or another.  If you upload the document to Google Doc/Drive and convert it to a Google Doc, 9 times out of 10 it can be read.

Youtube time limit removed for trusted users  Youtube is now owned by Google and if you become a “trusted user” you can upload unlimited time length videos now.  Not that I would do that all the time, but there are occasions for full lectures to be posted.

Digication for e-portfolios  Everyone needs an e-portfolio these days and Digication is part of our Google apps we have available to us.  I like how fast you can setup the portfolio and how you can set various levels of publication- ranging from private to full public.


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