Synergistic Cognition

chihuly smallSometimes everything comes together in the most delightful way.  I’m calling this new experience “Synergistic Cognition” since interdisciplinary studies or curriculum integration sounds too dull for the wonderful feeling when multiple subjects and modes of learning mesh.

Here’s what happened to me this week.  I’ve been taking a course on PLNs-Personal Learning Networks.  The course is being held online.  Most of my fellow students are in Maryland while I’m in Denver Colorado.  In the course we looked at and tried out various social media for learning.  The platforms we touched were Scoopit, Diigo and Twitter.

As the course is winding down, I’m ratcheting up work on a new aggregated webpage for all my work and social media presence too.  This new site will also serve as my final project for the course.  So, at the same time I decided to start reading this book “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon.  The first chapter is called “Find a Scenius” which he defines as a group of creative people to get feedback from.  Where can you find a Scenius?…Online of course! social media networks- PLNs!

All of sudden I saw the connections between this book and work from my recent course. I got quite a brain rush when these two sources came together for me.  I’m calling this Synergistic Cognition.  Not only did I make a connection from the course to the book I was reading but the book also connected to other ideas and books.    Later in Chapter One, Austin talks about how freeing it is to be an amateur.  Everything is new.  He quotes a Zen monk Shunryu Suzuki: ” In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few”.  This drew my mind back to “Made To Stick” where the Heath brothers talked about the curse of knowledge.

I am joyful at all these connections being made.  I will have more to share and I wish you happy connections, or Synergistic Cognition!

One Response to “Synergistic Cognition”

  1. credline Says:

    Paul, How wonderful that your extensive site with so many important options goes live on the last day of our class. Your contributions to our community of learners has been exceptional. Your idea of bringing many thoughts and projects together in this Website is so important. What a wonderful , synergistic project.

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