Converting pdf Files in Google Drive

logo-adobe-pdfGoogle-Drive_logoSometimes folks want to edit a pdf file or at least pull some text from a pdf file.  If there isn’t a lot of formatting and images that you desire, and your focus is on the text itself then Google Drive can convert the document for you.  There are two paths to take for this conversion to take place.  1.  If you’re using the old Google Drive interface, then in your upload settings you can choose to convert the pdf document to a Google doc.  2.  If you’re on the new Google Drive or have already uploaded some pdfs then follow these directions:

RIght click on the document name and select “Open with Google Docs”

open with screenshot

You’ll have to wait while the document is being converted.  This shouldn’t take too long.

When the document opens you’ll see the original scanned pdf page and then below that the extracted text.

converted pdf view

You can then edit, copy, paste. modify this text.

Pretty cool trick!

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