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It’s All Happening at the Library…

May 5, 2017

c811bd04107310c47788d5b937d7cc32Once upon a time, libraries contained books, microfiche, and maybe some film and LP records.  Today, libraries like the Denver Public Library are chock full of computers, but they also have some brand new 21st century resources we can all use.

Recently I visited the central branch of the Denver Public Library.  Of particular interest, to me, is their new digital media labs.  In one space, pictured below, is equipment to digitize analog music and video material.IMG_0026 In the next room is an audio recording facility.  IMG_0020These rooms can be reserved with a library card! For free! Also on this floor is another media lab with 3D printers and another audio recording booth.  If you’re a Denver resident and interested in learning more about these facilities and perhaps booking a room and/or a tutorial, you can find more info here at their website.  The room is called the Idea Lab.  I highly recommend you visit your local library and find out what new media resources may be available to you, for free.

NMC Horizon Report

February 10, 2011

The NMC (New Media Consortium) Horizon Report for 2011 was published today.  Several of the emerging technologies noted in the report- Electronic Books, Mobile Computing, Game Based Learning and Learning Analytics have all been bubbling up in the literature.  As educators we ignore these at our own risk.  As innovators dedicated to better teaching, we can use these technologies to improve learning outcomes.  I encourage everyone to download and read the report found here.  More info on the NMC and their highly recommended summer conference can be found at