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Photos for Class

March 2, 2015

6819094724I’m a big proponent for using Flickr Creative Commons as a source for finding reusable photos.  I’ve used many over the years and have made a concerted effort to give back by licensing virtually all of my photos with Creative Commons (CC) licensing.  The main hurdles for K-12 teachers who want to use Flickr CC is getting a safe filter and making it easy for them and their students to properly cite the photos they find.  Now there’s software to solve these problems:

Besides providing a safe search for images, you’ll find that when you download an image it comes with full attribution at the bottom.  The image I used for this blog post is an example.  Let’s all find photos for class!

Copyright Law for Art College Faculty and Staff

April 18, 2011

Cynthia Blake Sanders

On April 13, 2011, Cynthia Blake Sanders-from the Ober Kaler Law Firm-gave a talk at MICA on copyright, intellectual property and fair use as they relate to faculty and staff at MICA.  During the question and answer period, Guna Nadarajan-Vice Provost for Research- joined in with answers that relate specifically to MICA faculty and staff.  You can watch a recorded screencast of the presentation here.

I always learn something new when I attend a good presentation on copyright law, since it is so intricate.  Ms. Sanders covered issues with an appropriate eye on issues that artists and art faculty and staff encounter in that space where copyright law intersects with education.