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Photos for Class

March 2, 2015

6819094724I’m a big proponent for using Flickr Creative Commons as a source for finding reusable photos.  I’ve used many over the years and have made a concerted effort to give back by licensing virtually all of my photos with Creative Commons (CC) licensing.  The main hurdles for K-12 teachers who want to use Flickr CC is getting a safe filter and making it easy for them and their students to properly cite the photos they find.  Now there’s software to solve these problems:

Besides providing a safe search for images, you’ll find that when you download an image it comes with full attribution at the bottom.  The image I used for this blog post is an example.  Let’s all find photos for class!

Free Images from Flickr Creative Commons

March 1, 2013
IMG_0289 by Paul Iwancio, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Paul Iwancio 

For quite a while I’ve been recommending to colleagues the vast collection of free images at Flickr Creative Commons to use in presentations and web pages.  There have been two developments.  First, over the last year I’ve decided to give back.  It’s well past time for me to contribute to the Creative Commons, and so you will see more and more of my images on Flickr with Creative Commons licensing.  The second development just happened today when a trusted resource person showed me the wonders of  If you’ve ever used Flickr Creative Commons images, then you know that the act of attribution is a little clunky, and can be inconsistent.  Now there is a free service at imagecodr to provide simple and clear attribution when you use an image.  The process goes like this:

1.Go to Flickr Creative Commons and find an image you want to use, copy the URL

2. Open up a new tab or window and go to

3. Paste the URL there and it will give you html code

4. Paste this code into your webpage, post, document, etc. and you’ll get something like the image shown here on my post today.

This is a phenomenal tool that will make life easier for users and a great link back for creators.  Go forth and attribute!