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iChat in the Classroom

November 2, 2010

Earlier this semester I helped Mikita Brottman, who is currently teaching a course titled “ZooOntologies” at MICA, with a live videoconference for her course.  Since we didn’t have a fully-capable videoconference room available to us, we adapted and used iChat to connect with Dr. David Priestman at Oxford University.  For an engaging 45 minutes the students were able to ask Dr. Priestman questions related to the ethical use of animals for research purposes.  Because of the desktop limitations, students took turns, seated in front of the classroom iMac, to pose their questions.  With the aid of the projector and its speaker, everyone in class was able to see and hear Dr. Priestman.  The subsequent feedback from all the participants was very positive.  This seems to show that desktop videoconferencing can work in a classroom situation with some adaptation.  In the near future we hope to have a more formally-equipped videoconference room at MICA-watch for news on this blog.

As further documentation of the event, see the photos posted below: