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Virtual Stickies Continued

September 13, 2019

As part of my PaperSavers initiative I wrote previously about virtual stickie or “post it” notes.  Recently I came up with a very simple solution that anyone with access to Google apps can use.  We used this as a collabortive tool during a webinar and it worked out really well.  And, unlike paper stickie notes on a poster board there was no need to transcribe it later.  Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open a blank Google slide presentation in Google apps/Drive
  2. Next, populate the slide with a text box that is the approximate size of a post it note
  3. Fill the text box with a color that simulates the stickie note
  4. Copy the text box and move it to another location on the slide
  5. Repeat the above steps until you have filled the slide with enough boxes/stickies
  6. Share the slide so that anyone with the link can edit.
  7. Share this link to your participants.

Here’s what it will look like after participants have filled in the boxes:


Of course you or the participants can move the boxes/stickies if you want to do some sorting/organizing during your activity.

Here’s a tip if you like this process/activity:  After creating your first slide with blank boxes, make a copy and title it as your template to use over again.  Another tip is that you can adjust the slide size to mimic a vertical poster and it would look like this:

stickies vertical board layout

You can actually make the slide any size you wish.  And, you can copy the slide to have as many “posters” as you like.  If you are going with the standard slide size though I recommend that when you create the text boxes choose a 9 pt font size so text fits easily.

In the end, you’re not only saving paper, you’re saving these collaborations in a way that can be searched for, revisited, commented on and copied later.

Hope you have fun creating virtual stickie notes and helping save our resources one piece of paper at a time.  Don’t worry, they’ll add up!

Paper Savers Week 6-No Tech

February 9, 2018

printer-37270_640Through this year of avoiding printing and perhaps paper altogether I will highlight my high tech, low tech and no tech solutions.  This week is a no tech solution. I’ll talk about utilizing whiteboards. I know it sounds “old school” and could be seen as a copout to using technology, but I want to model all kinds of options for others to consider.

As the Culture Champion on my floor at work I’m responsible for, among other things, celebrating birthdays, keeping the refrigerator cleaned weekly and advertising culture events in the building.  I used to print out fliers, announcements, and signup sheets. My boss, Amanda, gave me the idea to deploy whiteboards that could be erased.  I picked up some inexpensive ones from Target.  The toughest part was figuring out how to mount them.  On the backs I used duct tape and string.  For the bulletin board I used push-pins with hooks that I also found at Target.  On the fridge I used one of those removable 3M hooks since the curve of the door wasn’t working for magnets.  Finally, I found a large whiteboard that had already been mounted in one of our stairwells.  Surprisingly, no one had been using it for announcements.  As soon as mine was written, another department took over the rest of the space.  Rather than  be annoyed, I was joyful that someone else saw the opportunity to save paper!  Here are some photos of the whiteboards in use.  NOTE:  The blurring of last names, via photoshop, is intentional.